November 14, 2006

the nicole perri blog

my dear friend nicole perri has expressed interest in my blog so this one is dedicated to her.

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i don't really know where to start when it comes to nicole. we're been friends for a long time. i think it started back in 4th or 5th grade.

5th grade may have been our official start. we were in the same girl scout troop. and we were bad. when i say bad, i mean we were trouble makers. for starters, we hated girl scouts. we'd both been doing it for some years but by the age of 10, i think we both felt we were too cool for such nonsense. which brings me back to the ever so infamous girl scout camping trip.

i can't remember all the events in detail but what i do remember is that we tortured the weird girl, scaled the cabin roof tops, and sabotaged the final day of the trip also known as the day where all the troops from all the lands come together to play games and make nice. one of these games apparently consisted of a trashbag full of water balloons which we so joyfully smashed on one another before the girl-scout-day-o-happiness could even commence. i think we got reemed for that but the memories are foggy.

anyone that knows us now, could confirm that we are by no means trouble makers or the kind of girls that would make fun of another girl for being an outsider.

nevertheless, nicole and i go way back and it's hard to explain that in a blog. now i'm not gonna pretend like nicole and i haven't had our ups and downs but i will admit that i have totally been at fault for the downs. and what can i say other than i'm a gemini with two personalities and insane mood swings. but nicole, despite her faults and her ridiculousness--her ridiculousness is not something that could ever possibly be explained but is only something you could ever understand from knowing her--is what makes nicole, nicole. and she's always been true to herself. and that's not something i can say about a lot of people. that's not something i can say about anyone really. and i can only commend her for always being the craziness that is nicole. and if i hadn't had so many vodka/sprites tonight, i could probably put that into words far more eloquent than whatever i'm spitting out right now.

nicole is one of kind and that's all there is to it.


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Your boyfriend said...

If this picture doesn't get more people to look at your blog than I don't know what will. Well, of course maybe some more pictures of me on it, especially ones where I'm dressed like myself (a guy).

Lily said...

u didn't update today. that hurts my head.

and i admit it. i'm blog-stalking you.


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