November 10, 2006

the official begining

so here it is...i've started a blog. i'm sure the only people who might read this are people who know me and know me well but you never can be too sure so i'll start by introducing myself.

my name is Sara-no-h and i'm 22. i come from a relatively normal family. well, we used to be normal: lower-middle class, tight knit, lots of love and ambition and hard work. a mom, a dad, a younger daughter (emily), an older daughter (sara)...and you might think it ends there but normalcy went out the window some years ago...probably around the time of my junior year of high school when my grandma and uncle had to move in on us and take over the already small house. if that wasn't enough, we have 4 dogs. and when i say 4 dogs, i don't mean 4 yorkshire terriers. i mean 4 very medium sized Australian Shephards. then we have a handful of rodents--3 guinea pigs and a hamster--and a couple of neglected beta fish. the ecosystem currently taking over my house is partially the reason for my overachievement. i knew that setting up my life there post-college graduation would doom me to a miserable and claustraphobic existence (little did i know that my current situation would make that look like a paradise--but we'll save that for another day)

i have my BA in public relations and advertising...i'm currently a publicist at an interactive markerting agency. my company was actually just nominated for its first Emmy. that's right, i didn't know the Emmy's gave away awards for advertising either. the nomination is for some super nerdy category, "Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Media Technology for the Non-Synchronous Enhancement of Original Television Content", yeaaa i can't even read it all the way through without getting bored and losing interest but it has to do with some crap we did last year involving HBO's The Sopranos and Google maps...use your imaginations. ANYWAY we specialize in online entertainment marketing. which has it's pros and cons.
-seeing films months before they premiere
-limited interaction with clients
-seeing how excited Joe Schmoe gets when i give him an autographed Bill Maher book
-sitting bare-foot in my cubicle, scratching my butt and uploading video content to YouTube
-working until 10 o clock to keep up with those LA folks. coke snorting assholes.

i guess i never really transitioned into my whole new york situation but i guess that semi-explains it. my company is based in DUMBO, Brooklyn (soon to be manhattan because of a dramatic company size increase) so that's where i've been for the past 6 months. i live in brooklyn. i live in a two bedroom apartment (with a roommate) on the second floor of a little house on a little street. i'm not at all a fan of where i am right now (hence the whold "cranky girl in brooklyn" thing) and new york is sure to be the downfall of sara.

which brings me to why i'm starting this blog.
1. i need something constructive to do with my time because i'm too broke to afford a life.
2. i talk a lot and i drink a lot. and i especially talk a lot after a couple drinks and therefore feel the need to express myself
3. i would like to stay up-to-date with all my old friends and aquaitances. it may seem as if i'm doing all the sharing without reciprocation but the point is that i may say something to spark some interest of coversation and in that case, feel free to say so.
4. working in the entertainment market often leaves me with a plethora of gossipy nonsense that i feel inclined to share
5. i'm hoping that the chronicals of my life will give me some kind of structure and/or a clear reflection of my time spent in new york.

okay, that is all for my introductory post. i swear on all of the gods that any posts to come will be 1/4 the length of this one. actually, that might be a lie so i won't make any promises.


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