November 18, 2006


tonight i have a handful of topics i'd like to sound off on so just bear with me.

1. working women in new york

this is something that's been on my mind for a while and it was sort of addressed in this past week's Grey's Anatomy episode. i want to be successful. i want to have an amazing career. i also want to have a family and a white picket fence. i don't work with any woman that are married, let alone that have children. and that scares me.

why is it that women can't be successful mothers? it's totally not fair that at the age of 22 i have to worry about these things. part of me wants to work my ass off and and take this business woman thing as far as it can go. part of me thinks it's not fair to me or my company to kick ass and then bitch out because i decide to have children. i don't want have to chose. and i don't want to even have to think about it at such an early start in my career.

2. John Legend

this video is so sexy and i made my boyfriend learn the bass line so that i'll be motivated to learn the keys and we can make some sexy soul music together. oh gross. what am i saying? we are totally white and nerdy. anyway...

new album. LOVE IT. i apologize for any skepticism i had. it has an old-school vibe that can be appreciated by all generations. if i threw on the cd while doing housework at my parents', i don't think anyone would oppose. the only problem i have is that the first single is "save room" and the second is "heaven". this proposes issues with me because the first track of the album is "save room" and the second track is "heaven". i find it totally queer when artists do this. "heaven" is definitely the best choice as the second single but john legend's camp had to have known this during production. so don't make the tracks back to back. duh. ESPECIALLY if those tracks are going to be the first two tracks on the album.

in my opinion, "where did my baby go" could have totally been spun as the second single. especially from an artists who's first single was "ordinary people" john, as hard as you try and as much influence you have being behind the scenes on tons of mainstream hip hop/RnB singles, you are totally blessed with an old soul. i would almost swear i had heard "where did my baby go" before I had even heard it on this album. i even did some research to make sure it wasn't covered from some 1960s Motown hit.

john, if you're looking for a new manager or publicist, you can totally contact me:
718.797.3618 ext. 246

or for any other reasons, i can be contacted on my cell. wink.

3. Borat

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i need to see this movie. asap. and to all the tight-asses filing lawsuits: lighten up/don't make sexist and racists remarks that will get you fired from a job. douchebags.

4. Damien Rice

saw a TV spot for the new album--sooooo not damien rice style to do that. lame. this album better deliver.

5. BA + MBA

i thought i knew my next step. getting an MBA was the traditional route i thought i was pigeon-holed into following. it wasn't until today that it occured to me that just maybe i've battled my way out of the hole. i have a good job to hold me over and therefore have the opportunity to do what i want.

all my life i've tried to break out of the mediocracy i was stuck in. but i'm out!

with the exception of a few student loans and my dad having control of my cell phone bill (even though i write him a check for reimbursement) i've made it to a comfortable place where i can do anything.

god, it feels SO good to say that and not feel like a cliche.

maybe i'll get a masters in writing and become a humor columnist. NOT.

6. Play Station 3

dear play station,
your commercials are not innovative. they're alarming! the one with the creepy baby haunts my dreams!

but i know as much as the next guy that the fact i am mentioning this commercial and associating it with your product only proves that the commercial is effective. damn you, PS3!!


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