November 16, 2006

psuedo-social life

as lily pointed out, i did not update my blog yesterday and the reason for this is that i was actually out after work. enjoying myself. shocking, i know.

so here's the quick wednesday night recap:

we had a little coworker happy hour because we have yet to go out for drinks with all the new people who have started in the past month or so. i only stayed for a beer but from what i hear both kim and cristin (the new PR people) got relatively drunk and i'm sort of pissed that i missed it.

then i headed into midtown (yuck) to grab some drinks with gavin who was in new york working for the week. one drink turned into many and at one point the bartender was just giving us beer "on the house" because gavin and i were the only people there at like 10 o clock so i'm sure an empty bar isn't very inviting to passer byers on the street. or maybe he had a crush on gavin. either way, below is proof that i actually was out on the town attempting a social life.

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all in all it was good time. we pretended to be grown ups...we exchanged business cards and talked about 401(k) and retirement plans...well no, not really. but kind of.

i'd also like to point out that our once quiet little gavin has been pimpin' half the ladies in pennsylvania. kudos, gavin.


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