December 3, 2006

friendship is rare...

i watched "The Sweetest Thing" tonight....

it's a little diddy staring cameron diaz, selma blair, and chirstina applegate. and anyone who doesn't love christina appleagate from "married with children" is not cool in my book. by anyway, the chemistry between cameron diaz's character and christina applegate's character is impeccable.

it's pretty much a mirror image of my dear friend, lauren hartman and i. sure, things suck now that we're at the forefront of our careers in different cities...but in high school--when lauren and i got over our obligatory hatred/jealousy of one another--we found out that we were more simlar that ever imaginable.

watching the characters in this movie reminds me that i can call up lauren at anytime and leave a 15 minute voicemail that will amuse her more than annoy her. no only can i be myself around her, but i can be an absurd, ridiculous, characterure of myself and she won't miss a beat. she'll only be ridiculous right along side of me.

everybody meets their best friends in college. or they at least say you'll meet the people who will replace your high school life. well that's not true.

the thing i love is that on the outside, lauren and i are sucessfull young women. 22-year-old college graduates--a teacher and a publicist--but on the inside we're a couple of vulgar, sex-crazed, borderline alocholic assholes that are never beyond such ridiculous matters as peeing in slurpee cups--just for fun--or making out--if the price is right...

laur, i love you

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Laurrr said...

"HELLO, is Jane there? Have a LOVELY day!"

i love you.


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