December 30, 2006

trees, skates and gynecologists: oh my

quite an eventful day yesterday...

finally made it to the doctor. yay, fun.

when i left, i was this excited:

next: ice skating at rockefeller center in front of the "tree".

now, i was totally prepared for a long line but god damn i was HUNGRY! this didn't make the situation any better.

3:30-- arrive at rockefeller
3:45-- finally figure out where the line for ice skating starts
4:45-- really really hungry. we decide to give it 10 more minutes before making the rash decision to bail.
4:55-- still in line. still really hungry but deciding to stick it out.
5:30-- close enough to get good pictures

6:00-- skates are on! but still a half an hour until we're allowed to skate because of these assholes:

anyway, we eventually got to skate in front of the so-called famous tree and i'm glad we waited it out.

you'll notice how uncomfortable we both look. that's because we were praying to god we would not fall on our asses in front of the 5,000 spectators.

and p.s. we figured out my new CAMERA takes video! watch at your own discretion as the camera gets awfully wobbely-- (that can't be the right spelling for that word but you get my drift) --gets awfully WOBBELY once we hit the ice. hold on to your stomachs.


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