November 18, 2006


tonight i have a handful of topics i'd like to sound off on so just bear with me.

1. working women in new york

this is something that's been on my mind for a while and it was sort of addressed in this past week's Grey's Anatomy episode. i want to be successful. i want to have an amazing career. i also want to have a family and a white picket fence. i don't work with any woman that are married, let alone that have children. and that scares me.

why is it that women can't be successful mothers? it's totally not fair that at the age of 22 i have to worry about these things. part of me wants to work my ass off and and take this business woman thing as far as it can go. part of me thinks it's not fair to me or my company to kick ass and then bitch out because i decide to have children. i don't want have to chose. and i don't want to even have to think about it at such an early start in my career.

2. John Legend

this video is so sexy and i made my boyfriend learn the bass line so that i'll be motivated to learn the keys and we can make some sexy soul music together. oh gross. what am i saying? we are totally white and nerdy. anyway...

new album. LOVE IT. i apologize for any skepticism i had. it has an old-school vibe that can be appreciated by all generations. if i threw on the cd while doing housework at my parents', i don't think anyone would oppose. the only problem i have is that the first single is "save room" and the second is "heaven". this proposes issues with me because the first track of the album is "save room" and the second track is "heaven". i find it totally queer when artists do this. "heaven" is definitely the best choice as the second single but john legend's camp had to have known this during production. so don't make the tracks back to back. duh. ESPECIALLY if those tracks are going to be the first two tracks on the album.

in my opinion, "where did my baby go" could have totally been spun as the second single. especially from an artists who's first single was "ordinary people" john, as hard as you try and as much influence you have being behind the scenes on tons of mainstream hip hop/RnB singles, you are totally blessed with an old soul. i would almost swear i had heard "where did my baby go" before I had even heard it on this album. i even did some research to make sure it wasn't covered from some 1960s Motown hit.

john, if you're looking for a new manager or publicist, you can totally contact me:
718.797.3618 ext. 246

or for any other reasons, i can be contacted on my cell. wink.

3. Borat

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i need to see this movie. asap. and to all the tight-asses filing lawsuits: lighten up/don't make sexist and racists remarks that will get you fired from a job. douchebags.

4. Damien Rice

saw a TV spot for the new album--sooooo not damien rice style to do that. lame. this album better deliver.

5. BA + MBA

i thought i knew my next step. getting an MBA was the traditional route i thought i was pigeon-holed into following. it wasn't until today that it occured to me that just maybe i've battled my way out of the hole. i have a good job to hold me over and therefore have the opportunity to do what i want.

all my life i've tried to break out of the mediocracy i was stuck in. but i'm out!

with the exception of a few student loans and my dad having control of my cell phone bill (even though i write him a check for reimbursement) i've made it to a comfortable place where i can do anything.

god, it feels SO good to say that and not feel like a cliche.

maybe i'll get a masters in writing and become a humor columnist. NOT.

6. Play Station 3

dear play station,
your commercials are not innovative. they're alarming! the one with the creepy baby haunts my dreams!

but i know as much as the next guy that the fact i am mentioning this commercial and associating it with your product only proves that the commercial is effective. damn you, PS3!!


November 17, 2006

happy friday

good morning. i just wanted to leave you with this video of Lily Allen because she's totally adorable.


November 16, 2006

psuedo-social life

as lily pointed out, i did not update my blog yesterday and the reason for this is that i was actually out after work. enjoying myself. shocking, i know.

so here's the quick wednesday night recap:

we had a little coworker happy hour because we have yet to go out for drinks with all the new people who have started in the past month or so. i only stayed for a beer but from what i hear both kim and cristin (the new PR people) got relatively drunk and i'm sort of pissed that i missed it.

then i headed into midtown (yuck) to grab some drinks with gavin who was in new york working for the week. one drink turned into many and at one point the bartender was just giving us beer "on the house" because gavin and i were the only people there at like 10 o clock so i'm sure an empty bar isn't very inviting to passer byers on the street. or maybe he had a crush on gavin. either way, below is proof that i actually was out on the town attempting a social life.

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all in all it was good time. we pretended to be grown ups...we exchanged business cards and talked about 401(k) and retirement plans...well no, not really. but kind of.

i'd also like to point out that our once quiet little gavin has been pimpin' half the ladies in pennsylvania. kudos, gavin.


November 14, 2006

the nicole perri blog

my dear friend nicole perri has expressed interest in my blog so this one is dedicated to her.

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i don't really know where to start when it comes to nicole. we're been friends for a long time. i think it started back in 4th or 5th grade.

5th grade may have been our official start. we were in the same girl scout troop. and we were bad. when i say bad, i mean we were trouble makers. for starters, we hated girl scouts. we'd both been doing it for some years but by the age of 10, i think we both felt we were too cool for such nonsense. which brings me back to the ever so infamous girl scout camping trip.

i can't remember all the events in detail but what i do remember is that we tortured the weird girl, scaled the cabin roof tops, and sabotaged the final day of the trip also known as the day where all the troops from all the lands come together to play games and make nice. one of these games apparently consisted of a trashbag full of water balloons which we so joyfully smashed on one another before the girl-scout-day-o-happiness could even commence. i think we got reemed for that but the memories are foggy.

anyone that knows us now, could confirm that we are by no means trouble makers or the kind of girls that would make fun of another girl for being an outsider.

nevertheless, nicole and i go way back and it's hard to explain that in a blog. now i'm not gonna pretend like nicole and i haven't had our ups and downs but i will admit that i have totally been at fault for the downs. and what can i say other than i'm a gemini with two personalities and insane mood swings. but nicole, despite her faults and her ridiculousness--her ridiculousness is not something that could ever possibly be explained but is only something you could ever understand from knowing her--is what makes nicole, nicole. and she's always been true to herself. and that's not something i can say about a lot of people. that's not something i can say about anyone really. and i can only commend her for always being the craziness that is nicole. and if i hadn't had so many vodka/sprites tonight, i could probably put that into words far more eloquent than whatever i'm spitting out right now.

nicole is one of kind and that's all there is to it.


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November 13, 2006

R.I.P. Penny Lane

some of you Penn Staters may remember my beloved hamster Penny Lane. you might recognize her as that rodent who would run around 1106 Beaver Terrace in a clear, plastic ball. or, for our night time "guests" you may remember the sound of Penny running wild on her wheel often interrupting a perfectly good make out session.

well i'm sorry to say, that Penny Lane is no longer with us. she was a good little hamster. a little fiesty and a little snarky with an insatiable desire to gnaw her way out of that cage. in a way, i admired her.

Penny, you will be missed.


November 12, 2006

domestically uneducated or domestically challenged

my mom has always kind of been a super mom. she's constantly running around and has more back problems and pain than she'll ever mention but ever since i can remember there has always been fresh flowers in the planters out back, an overstock of basic food items (bread, butter, ramen, cooking oil, etc.) and a homemade dinner on the table. that's not to say we all sat around and ate together. far from it. it was more like, grab a piece of this homemade dinner as you're running out the door to softball practice with an english book to study (inbetween turns at bat) for tomorrow's (pop) quiz.

these domestic mom things are something i've always taken for granted. they're also things i figured i would magically know how to do when i some day became a mom. but it's recently occured to me that it's not that easy. is this something i just need to learn with time or are they things that some people are born with while others are left domestically retarded? i fear it's possible that there is strong evidence pointing to the latter of these two and i am the poster girl for domestic inabilities.

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being domestic attempt #1:
my dad's birthday, october 7th. i was at my parents' for the weekend and i had purchased a vegetarian cookbook while i was at barnes and noble shopping for my dad's bday gift. i got super inspired and proclaimed instead of going out to dinner for dad's birthday, i was going to shock the family with a sara-made vegetarian dinner. my sister was pissed that we weren't going to a real dinner but my dad was super excited.

i went to the store, i got all the ingredients and i set out to make "ricotta and spinach gnocchis" and "spicy broccoli and caulifower stir-fry". yes i'm aware these two meals don't really go together but i'm not trying to be a culinary chef, i'm just simply trying to be domestic.

so to sum things up, two hours into the cooking experience, the stir fry is burning to death, the gnocchis are falling apart as they hit the boiling water, my sister is bitching that i'm stinking up the house, the fire alarm is going off, and there is flour in every crevice of the kitchen. this is about the time when i start to cry. i have been defeated. and i honestly tried SO hard.

"mooooooooom! heeeelp!"

so good ole janice comes to the rescue and tries to salvage my hours of hard work. my sister even layed off her snarkiness for 10 mins. i guess something about a 22-year-old woman weeping over broccoli is enough to make anyone feel bad.

being domestic attempt #2:
the cooking disaster weekend was coming to a close and i was packing up to head back to brooklyn. i was admiring all the house plants hanging around. really gives a house a homey kind of feel.

"maybe i'll get a plant" i thought aloud. i can do plants. how hard could that be? my mom--still feeling sorry for me about the cooking incident--promptly pots too little spider plants for me to take back to my apartment.

i accidentally left them in the back for my car the first week. the second week, i gave them a little home hiding behind the couch. but don't get me wrong. i loved those little plants. i plucked out the dead leaves and made sure they weren't thirsty. i was just waiting to get some cute little hangy planter pots to put them in...

one day i came home from work and noticed a nasty smell. this isn't exactly shocking because julie and i aren't really the best at taking out our trash but in our defense we've been much better since a horrific incident involving a cockroach and the hot neighborhood who described it as "a small rodent!"

anyway, we took out the trash and all the recyclables but i still noticed the stench a few days later. and it wasn't until i was doing the dishes one day that i looked down at the plants...oh i guess i should mention, i had moved them from behind the couch to around the sink by now. one little plant looked way more pitiful than the next. i bent down to get a closer look and that's when the smell hit me. this plant had begun to grow MOLD. i've never heard of such a thing!

so i killed the plant. but not from neglect. from domestic retardedness.

however i should be greatful that the one remaining plant is still producing fresh oxygen in our kitchen/living room.
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whereas moldy plant's deathbed has been relocated to the fire escape.
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ironically enough, i'm making dinner tonight...

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