January 9, 2007

Happy birthday, Paolo!

the sexy and talented Paolo Nutini turns 20 today. also known as the age at which i can date him and not feel as perverted as you all probably already think i am.

so here's my paolo nutini post:

Paolo Nutini. don't let the italian name fool you. he's actually from Paisley, Scotland.

when you first listen to him, you'll immediately compare him to the likes of James Blunt, who honestly i'm not that familiar with other than that damn "you're beautiful" song that i liked for a minute but comparing paolo to anyone is an insult.

his voice...oye that VOICE! it's just soooo good. i don't even know how to explain it. it's equal parts impeccable tonality and scruffy emotion.

you have to listen to the album a couple times to dig it. it's a little "adult contemporary" for me but we'll chalk that up to record labels distorting good music until the artists proves he or she can sell records and earn a little leeway.

actually the reason i couldn't initially get through the album is because i got totally hung up on the first track "jenny don't be hasty". i literally listened to it on repeat for two solid work days (okay, maybe three). and when i got to the mid-album lull, i would skip to the last track ("alloway grove) and listen to that over and over as well.

after some youtube stalking, i really got to hear how amazing his voice is. so much better in live performances than on studio recordings. (I'M GOING TO SEE HIM AT THE BOWERY BALLROOM ON THE 31ST, YAY!!!) but at least it gave me the opportunity to listen to the rest of his songs and realize how good they are. and he writes them himself. he's a bit of a prodigy. i mean, he wrote these songs when he was like, 18 yet the lyrics and delivery are incredibly mature.

he also won me over with his drunk (or stoned) version of CRAZY. that's right, "crazy" as in the Gnarls Barkley song. Paolo's version is even better than the original (that's right, i said it!) and i hope to the gods he plays it when i see him.

and THIS is a crazy good example of his beeee U tee ful voice.

so yay for Paolo Nutini. oh yeah, and did i mention he's incredibly cute? i want to have his babies.

ironically, the second i wrote that comment about having paolo's babies, ben asked me to give him a shout out in my blog. hi ben.


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