January 17, 2007

homophobic nonsense

For anyone who missed it, Isaiah Washington dropped the F-bomb (no, not that F-bomb) AGAIN. This time was even more inappropriate than the first as it was done during a time of celebration.

To view the second offense from the homo-hater, check it out HERE about halfway down the page where Grey's wins for Best Television Series-Drama.

Then you can watch the lovely Katherine Heigl talking about the incident HERE. i really like her...i think she's cute. even if her last name sounds like a vaginal excercise. and i think it's super endearing the way she says she'll "throw down" for T.R. Knight. i mean, honestly who wouldn't? he's precious.

the video also shows Isaiah dropping the name of every pro-gay-related circumstance he can think of as well as talking some crap about him and McDreamy singing "Ebony and Ivory". um, are you serious? give me a break. maybe you should have hired that "great shiny publicist" who would have told you not to say such stupid things. or better yet, would just speak in your place.

now that you've got the facts gossip, you can go HERE and sign the petition to get his crazy ass out of our lives. and i never really know if these petition things are legit so maybe i'm being naive here but what the heck it only takes two seconds to sign your name anyway so what's the harm?


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