January 2, 2007

if my word wasn't good enough

i'll quote an email from my boss

I wanted to thank every one for their hard work on the Pan’s Labyrinth campaign. The film opened HUGE for Picturehouse this weekend. It brought in $750,000 on just 17 screens. That’s a per screen average of almost $40,000!!! Amazing!

And the best news is that 50% of users polled as they left the theater cited the internet as the main driver!!! That’s an awesome accomplishment that is absolutely a testament to the hard work everyone at Deep Focus put in.

If you haven’t seen the film yet – GO SEE IT! It’s amazing. It will be opening in more theaters on the 12th and then everywhere the 19th. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Blog about it – just keep the momentum moving.


THAT'S CRAZY! not to mention our doings raked in half of the viewers. so you can just take your print and television ads and shove `em

go see the damn movie!

and while you're at it:
**If you haven’t friended our myspace profile – what are you waiting for???

**Or uploaded your sketches to the sketchbook site? Do it! Or just comment on some of the ones already up there!~

**And listen to the soundtrack. Seriously – it’s amazing.


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