January 21, 2007

if there was a god, stuff like this wouldn't happen

it's fashion week in Milan and by george, the unthinkable has happened.


screw isaiah washington and britney's cooter, THIS is by far the most offensive happening of 2007.

i mean, if the look on that model's face doesn't say "i realize i look like a douche" than i don't know what.

Dear Skinny Jeans,

If you're out there reading, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any previously posted shit talking. My display of arrogance has proven to be nothing short of a mindless attempt to confine my jealously of your righteousness.

I proudly welcome you to flaunt your assets for countless seasons to come. All I ask is that by Fall 2007, you make your grand return with such brilliance that the so-called man leggins can succumb to their proper place on the shelves next to parachute pants and acid-wash jeans.

Best Regards,
The Ott Stuff

however, should the skinny jeans fail me in this endeavor (and dear god, i hope they don't), i will at least have an added reason to despise brooklyn hipsters.


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