February 27, 2007

my absence

some of you may or may not know that last weekend i moved back into my parents' house. gone are the days of my miserable brooklyn babble. so yay! but unfortunately (or maybe not so unfortunately) i won't be able to update my blog as often as i'd like.

instead of running home to my shoebox, ahem APARTMENT, to continue my bitter blog banter (that's alliteration, folks) i will now be biding my time with crossword puzzles and crazy people on my daily NJ Transit experience.

it probably sounds absurd that i would prefer the latter over the comfort of living close to my place of employment but no. trust me. i'm in a much better situation now.

and before you start crying, i hereby pledge to do my best to update as often as i can, be that throughout the work day when chance should find me with an interesting internet tidbit (ex. harry potter's wang, naked trampolining, shoes) or on the weekends in between fighting with my sister, wrestling with my doggies and making out with ben.

so bear with me!


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