March 29, 2007

are you in on the joke?

i find it funny that the blogosphere is currently filled with irate posts about Sanjaya Malakar's continued advancements in the American Idol competition. at first, i was a little thrown back by his suckiness but then i noticed that ALL the contestants suck ass.

like every season before it, season six has the obligatory black girls who can blow everyone else out of the water but let's be honest, they're boring. then there's the all-american boys - one of which, is the poor man's Justin Timberlake...but worse, and the other is that dorky guy from highschool who gets a makeover and is so enchanted by his new found confidence that he doesn't realize all the popular girls are still laughing at his reggae-scat bullshit.

of course there's the rocker chick with the red streaks in her hair thinking she's more real than the rocker chicks before her. snooze fest.

and that leaves us with Mr. Power`fro and Mr. Big Eyes.

anyone i missed isn't stereotypical enough to be remembered.

which brings us to Sanjaya and the Sanjaya-hating i've come across today. the first one is from the MySpace blog of a 28-year-old living in Jersey City. and i quote:
Ok, so, I'm well aware that there's a big drug problem in this country...but was the ENTIRE country (or at least all of those that keep voting for Sanjaya) on CRACK? What's wrong with people's hearing?!? Can they NOT hear when this rat looking kid tries to sing?

if jersey city really has crack that can diminish your hearing only when a "rat looking kid" opens his mouth, that would explain all of jersey's unwanted teenage pregnancies.

AC, 29, Rapid City, South Dakota writes:
Seriously. Can anyone explain what is going on with American Idol. How did Chris get voted off last night. How was it possible that Sanjaya wasn't even in the bottom three? Every week I watch (on my DVR the following day), and every week I see the more talented people leaving. I cannot comprehend what people are thinking.

listen people. i'll tell you exactly what people are thinking. AMERICAN IDOL IS OVER! everybody sucks and it's the same old shit. AMERICA IS BORED. so what could be more entertaining than an upset by this strange but cute gay hula dancer? simon will have a FIT and American Idol will never bounce back. all credibility will be lost. and seriously, it's about time this american idol thing runs out of steam.

nothing lasts forever...



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