May 1, 2007

a message to Amy Winehouse

dear amy,

i love your new album. i think it's utterly fabulous. i've been listening to it on repeat and i might be borderline obsessed. i hear good things about your first album too but that was never released in the U.S. and i refuse to pay international shipping. i hope you understand. so considering my undying affection for you, i hope you understand the following statement and take it not in vein.

for christ sake amy, please come to terms with the fact that you are ugly and you have a big scary face that no amount of starvation will cure. i am willing to tolerate the nappy beehive and the heinous eyeliner that you insist on rocking in order to deter from the fug, but i can not take you seriously if you continue to walk around looking like this:

i also think it's quite cruel that your anorexia enjoys hanging out with chubby girls. and kelly osbourne at that.

for the love of god, eat a hamburger and embrace your chipmunk cheeks.


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