July 10, 2007

Ordinary Stars

all i have to say is those bastards over at TMZ have some Photoshoppers with mad skillz. they compiled a number of celebrity photographs and white-trashified them. it's way entertaining.

a couple of my faves:

i like this one because it looks like a glam shot taken by Deb from Napoleon Dynamite -

i like this one because it's a fairly accurate prediction of what the Nicole Richie/Joel Madden baby will actually look like -

it also looks a tad like Mini Me from Austin Powers. sexy

i like this one because Dina Lohan is going to have a fit when she sees it -

and i REALLY like this one because it looks like some hoebag named Christy Greene who touched Ben with her disgusting lips -

anyway, head over to TMZ to see the likes of Johnny Depp, Angelina and my beloved Olsen twins all white-trashified in their own way.



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