November 10, 2007

britt britt sings!

up until this point, i have been pretty adamant about not posting britney updates because honestly, it's just damn impossible to keep up. and the "news" is mostly a bunch of he said, she said nonsense about court dates and money and custody and blah blah blah. BORING. zzzzzz.

until britney offs herself or one of her kids starts dating Zahara Jolie-Pitt, there's really not much to talk about. until now. something has piqued my interest enough for me to post on it. and that something is an audio recording of britney singing at a 2001 performance. it's the un-doctored version from a mic that must be live under all the voiceover effects.

it pretty much sounds exactly how i thought she would sound. like the starving cats i once found locked in a cage behind a chinese restaurant. not pretty.


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