November 5, 2007

Hindu Goddess?

meet Lakshmi Tatma. just your every day Hindu toddler. but not...

this is actually a really cool story and i recommend you read the full article which explains how this kid was born on the day that celebrates some Hindu god who also has a bunch of limbs. i mean yeah like, all of the Hindu gods have tons of limbs but that's not the point. this kid is a "miracle" or whatever.

Anyway, she's totally adorable - creepy body aside - but honestly all i can think about when i look at her is that episode of Family Guy called "The End of the World". you know, it's that one where there's some nuclear meltdown and the Griffins have to move to some Twinkie factory and somewhere along the way Stewie gets himself into something and turns into a mutant baby-octopus. i'd kill for a screen shot of that right now but Google is not being cooperative.

all hail Vishnu: the preserver and protector of creation!!


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