November 7, 2007

WGA strike!

Damn you Writers Guild of America! you have a totally legitimate reason to be on strike and i'm angry that i can't be angry that you're on strike. yeah so, i have been forced to come up with some television alternatives for all you daily couch potatoes.

1. Do a puzzle

i'm not talking about a crossword or a sudoku. i mean a good old fashioned jigsaw puzzle. but not those 3D tower things because they don't count. and by that i mean they're too complicated for my small brain.

2. Exercise

this strike is such a good excuse to start a new routine. and there's no need to dive into anything dramatic. start slow. instead of winding down your day to Conan re-runs, turn the lights down low and try some yoga. you can even buy a cheap pilates work out vid (or i can burn you a copy of mine on my fabulous new Mac) and tone your muscles to the sweet sounds of Enya. then, a couple months down the road when the sitcoms start running out of new material, get yourself in a jogging routine. your new pilates bod should be up for the challenge.

3. Start a blog

need a place to bitch and complain about your Heroes deprivation? blogging is perfect! you can release all your frustrations right through your fingertips (literally). you'll feel better once you vent and your friends don't actually have to listen to you complain. only lie to your face when you ask if they've been keeping up with your blog. everybody wins!

4. Organize your closet

honestly, this global warming shit is annoying. gone are the days when season changes meant you simply swap the tees for the sweaters and vice-versa. now we need long-sleeved tees, camisoles, pretty much anything you can layer, rain boots and scarves with varying degrees of warmth. i'm sick of clothes flying everywhere in the morning just so i can find a not-too-hot-not-too-cold something to wear. it's complete nonsense! somebody please figure out a way to situate your closets and let me know what works best. k? thanks

5. Watch all your favorite ABC shows on

since getting my new computer, i've been totally obsessed with catching up on Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty by watching limited commercial, zero skippage, hassle free episodes online. i also got a chance to check out the pilots for Pushing Daisies and Samantha Who and ya know what? i like them! turns out, this is the exact reason for the strike! curses!! i suggest you catch up on all your old episodes (and new shows too) before they are savagely taken away from us and the WGA members stop bitching.


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