December 9, 2007

America's Most Lamest Model

In anticipation of tonight's final America's Most Smartest Model showdown, i'd like to express my disappointment in the top three contestants.

Angela the know-it-all

Andre the Soviet


let me just say that these people absolutely SUCK. they're not likeable in the slightest bit and if Tyra has taught me anything, they are definitely not "model" enough.

for the most part, this entire season has been filled with a bunch of model retards.

rachel myers?

this bitch looks about 35 and is in desperate need of a sandwich.

slavco tuskaloski?

greasy creepazoid

jesse lewis?


this show is an absolute joke that i can't peel my eyes from. it pisses me off that i kill brain cells on this shit each and every sunday night.

on another note, they're holding a casting call for season two of America's Most Smartest Model. i'm pretty sure i have a shot.

RIP to my AMSM faves - you are the best. we miss you.


Aussie Rachel

Brett (call me!)



robk said...

bring back mandy lynn!!!!

Anonymous said...

(sorry for the english, I'm Latino)
I have to say that I'm so agree with you about Americas Most Smartest Model's final, that was a totally joke, maybe VJ is handsome but doen's deserve to win, Breed and Pickel must to be until the end, anyway..
Nice Blog, have a nice day

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