December 18, 2007

babies having babies!!

okay maybe lily allen isn't that young but she's younger than me and i wouldn't dream of getting knocked up!

so yeah, 22-year old lily allen and SIXTEEN YEAR OLD jamie lynn spears are expecting. not together though. lily's man is one of the old guys from The Chemical Brothers and jamie lynn's live-in boyfriend is some 19 year old douche.

so proud of that jamie lynn!! it always annoyed the shit out me that her namesake is a combo of her mother and father's names: Jamie Spears (dad) and Lynn Spears (mama dukes). seriously? how narcissistic. but she went and showed them a thing or two. she's all "britney britney britney. nobody cares about jamie lynn...i'll show those fuckers"

yes you did, jamie lynn. yes. you. did.

i don't think this guy above is JLS's actual baby daddy but he looks like a douche regardless so it works for me.


1 comment:

$ries said...

i bet that is her douche b/c apparently they've been dating since she was 13!

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