April 13, 2007


shame on whoever thought this photoshop attempt could pass for the real thing.

shame on us for loving it anyway.


April 12, 2007


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que desilusione!

while perusing YouTube, i accidentally came across Sanjaya's performance from this past week and i must say, i was terribly upset to find that it actually wasn't bad!


i haven't actually been watching this season as i've done in the past - i'm just on board to root for sanjaya because i find a painfully guilty pleasure in seeing all the people outraged by him.

lighten up, America. AI is DEAD.

and honestly, Jenn....

i thought my friends had better senses of humor than to be THIS pissed off about lame network television. tisk tisk, shame on you jenny. (but btw, i am LOVING the yellow on pink color scheme!)

oh and i think i'd have sex with sanjy's sister. she's hot.

does anyone know how to pronounce her name? nope. doesn't matter. in a couple of weeks she'll be as forgotten as Antonella.

everyone gets their 15 minutes...



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