April 27, 2007

under my um-ber-ella ella ella ay ay ay

so hot. i want her.

ben? threesome? she's totally on my list.


April 26, 2007


what. the. FUCK???

it's bad enough i have a strong dislike for ms. celine "lurve" dion and her warbly voice but i'm too stunned to even harp on that. i seriously want to know what Nigel Lythgoe was thinking when he ok-ed this atrocity. seriously. no, seriously. what IS this?! and WHY on earth does celine look over (and smile) in the direction of "elvis" like he's actually standing there. and WHY does she think we honestly believe she was born in 1968? that bitch is OLD. and her husband is ANCIENT.

yuck. gross. i'm totally creeped out by all of this. i need a shower.


April 24, 2007

`arry Pott'r traylr



French Idol

i should have known it was only a matter of time before another Idol moron would surface.

i give you my new love, Julien:

GOT DAYUM that was amazing.

i only wish i could understand what the judges were saying. or i'd at least settle with knowing what MAN that female judge was in a past life time. she looks strikingly familiar. woof.

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