February 27, 2008

Facebook Facelift

facebook is getting a little sloppy lately as everybody has been junking up their profiles with nonsense. it's bad. it's myspace bad. so frankly, i'm excited that facebook is gearing up to implement some changes.

Part of this is because of technical issues, Facebook has said, telling members that the changes will make the interface cleaner. "As more and more information is available on Facebook--more photo albums, more applications, and more history--we've realized that Profiles have become cluttered and slow as a result," a release from the site read. "We're trying to make profiles more simple and relevant, while still giving you control over your profile and how you express yourself."

anyone who remembers the "mini feed" debacle remembers the backlash that ensued. it appears that this time, facebook has made the strategic move to be up front about their revamp. they're giving us a much appreciated heads up. and i like it!

what do you think???


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