April 8, 2008

reason number 3,000,001 why babies suck

who is this goofy man? who knows.

who is this fat chick? well that - my friends - would be a pregnant Lisa Marie Presley and another reason i think it would never be wise of me to procreate.

those keeping track will remember that reason number 1 - aside from the obvious and hellish responsibilities of actually raising a child - is that there is a lot of red-hair running rampant in my family. having a Ginger of my own is just out of the question.

but seriously, if i know my body, i'm pretty sure a pregnant Sara would make Lisa Marie look like runway model. i like sodium and carbs and a good excuse to stuff my face. pregnancy will not look good on me. and i don't even want to think of the drooping aftermath of it all.



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itsbritneybitch said...

muffin top

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