April 2, 2008

Ugly Celebs

i know it's really mean but i'm having a fat day (when aren't i have one of those lately) and putting these people down makes me feel better. makes me feel grateful actually. you can always lose the weight but taking care of a nasty face? not so easy.

Rumer Willis - pre and post surgery. girl can't get a break. woof.

Chloe Lattanzi (daughter of Olivia Newton-John) - so young. so plastic. so tragic.

Rachel Dratch - further proof that you can't have a good personality AND good looks. Rachel at least gets props for being an actual celeb and not some ugly offspring mooching off their parents fame.

and of course we have an oldie but goodie, the Wino. love this bitch.

ahhh. i feel better already. i guess i can put down that last piece of chocolate i've been using to comfort myself.


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