July 28, 2008


so LifeStyles condoms wants Miley Cyrus to be the new face of their brand because she's a self-proclaimed virgin and they think she'd be a good role model for teen girls who apparently all have STDs. well maybe not all but 1 in 4.

first of all, that STD stat is pretty freaking alarming.

second, i'm pretty sure the REAL reason LifeStyles has an interest in Miley is because they know it's only a short matter of time before the girl has a loss-of-virginity scandal (a la ms. britney spears back in the day) and then the whole world will be going "oh my god can you believe Miley? and the irony is that she's the face of LifeStyles!"

this is exactly what LifeStyles wants you to do. they think you're stupid enough to fall for this pathetic marketing attempt. and you know what? it'll work. and it'll work GOOD.

kudos LifeStyles.


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