August 13, 2008

fat girls out, trannys in

ooooo the new season of America's Next Top Model is almost upon us!

what's the hook this season, you say? Not one, not two, but THREE plus-sized girls perhaps? and by plus-sized we obviously mean a girl who starts off at a size 6, drops a couple pounds because anorexia is contagious and then gets the boot because she's a size 4 - which is of course, too small for plus-sized modeling and too big for "real" models.

BUT NO! none of that this cycle! for this time around, Tyra's bringing us an honest to blog TRANNY!

Meet Isis - a 22 year old transgendered something or other. i can't really tell what her boob situation looks like but the bottom line is that she has a penis.

i have a feeling that even though this is clearly good for ratings, at the end of the day, Isis will turn out to be such a convincing woman that all excitement will be lost.

we'll be busy watching cat fights break out over spending too much time in the shower or eating someone's doritos. or if we're lucky, we'll get another mousey nerd who cheats on her annoying boyfriend with some sexy europeans in a hot tub. that phone call when she admitted it to her boyfriend was amazing. i never knew boys could sound so shrill!

anyway, the first round of Top Model contestant photos are as lame as ever. the girls all look like they're plain janes, ugly or trying too hard. but that's what i've come to expect from these pre-season pics.

the only one who caught my attention was this girl:

Agyness Deyn is going to be pisssssed!


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