August 19, 2008

Michael Phelps Facts

yay, i'm so excited this has surfaced. i was starting to feel bad about myself because i'm the only person who still gets a kick out of Chuck Norris facts. but now i can laugh unabashedly at Michael Phelps Facts because they're in-the-now.

Michael Phelps caught Moby Dick. He then let him go because he is just that awesome.

Every time you see a shooting star you are really watching Michael Phelps train in space.

Michael Phelps does not swim like dolphins; dolphins swim like Michael Phelps.

Once, when Michael Phelps swam the Atlantic and came across mermaids, one said to him “I thought you were just a myth!”

Aquaman wears Michael Phelps underwear.

Jaws beached himself once he heard the Michael Phelps theme music.


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