September 22, 2008

best part of the Emmy's

so the first half of the Emmy's (the part before i fell asleep) made me entirely uncomfortable. from that horrible opening with Heidi Klum and company, to the awkward Josh Groban and his puppy dog eyes performance to the edge of my seat anticipation of thinking Jeremy Piven would re-injure himself with that Emmy statue...ugh. what a disaster.

but alas, there was one - JUST ONE - funny moment for me to remember as i nodded off into dreamland and that was Ricky Gervais vs. Steve Carrell. The Office vs. The Office 2.0

Steve, old buddy old pal, how you kept a straight face is beyond me. especially with your cohorts hysterically laughing around you (i'm looking at you John Stewart and Steven Colbert).

"i sat through Evan Almighty; give me my Emmy". point, Gervais

ahhhh and that last attempt to grab the Emmy back from Ricky at the end...hilarity!

annnnnnd CONGRATS to MAD MEN for winning Best Drama!!

(Jon Hamm - you were ROBBED for best actor but at least the robber was a fellow AMC-er)

i need to get my Joan Holloway halloween costume in check!

good god woman, where's the Emmy for Most Fantastic Rack?


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