September 25, 2008

Media News!

Be still, my heart. John Oates’ moustache is getting a television show – according to today’s NY Post. The facial hair of the brunette half of 80s yacht-rockers Hall & Oates will be the basis of a new cartoon. And get this: it’s being called “J-Stache”. I kid you not!

The animated series is currently being shopped around to the likes of Comedy Central and Cartoon Network. The idea came from independent music publisher Primary Wave – who are the controversial people behind that creepy Kurt Cobain/Converse campaign. But ya know what? John Oates is still alive and well and perfectly aware that his moustache is in high demand so I don’t really give a shit if people have a problem with Primary Wave. I was never a Nirvana fan anyway.

Oh Oates. The video for She’s Gone never fails to amaze me. I would be honored to see your `stache – albeit animated – on a weekly basis.

Next up, in Rupert Murdoch-owns-the-world news, MySpace Music – in yet another attempt to prove to Facebook that they are the reigning social networking site – has re-launched their platform to allow endless streaming capabilities from all the major music labels. Guess what, MySpace? A music-oriented social network already exists. It’s called Last.FM and I’m pretty sure they want to meet you on the playground after school for a smack down. Oh and, YOU WILL NEVER BE FACEBOOK. Just accept it already. Your time has come and gone. The younger, more popular girl has stolen your man. And by “man” I mean the entire 14-34 year-old demographic. You’re a year and a half away from being Friendster. I don’t care how many applications and partnerships you obtain. You know who cares about those things? The people who are JUST NOW signing up for MySpace. And let’s get real, those people are square. Any logical person knows that if they haven’t signed up by now, their time has passed. Get over it.


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