September 5, 2008

Penn State makes John McCain look less crappy

have to mention this post Best Week Ever did because my alma mater got a shout out.

BWE decided to poke a little fun at the ridiculous powerpoint presentation behind McCain at the RNC by doing a little thing called "10 Speech Backgrounds Designed To Make John McCain Look Less Pale"


The White Album - (GREAT ALBUM)

the dude from POWDER - (strange movie)

Abominable Snowman - (GREAT MOVIE!)

and best of all - a PENN STATE HOME GAME.

but just to be clear, not ALL of our home games look like this. only the special ones. i'm talking a game against Michigan (Ann Arbor is a whore), Ohio State or some other Big 10 university. we only bust out the WHITE OUT when it's time to get serious. and yes, that's what it's called. a "white out" game. memos are distributed. no joke. nobody wants to be the only asshole wearing blue during a white out game.

see them all HERE


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