October 14, 2008

being domestic - take 2

you may remember some time back, when i first flew the coupe and took a huge stab at domesticity. you may also remember, this didn't turn out so well.

now i'm a little bit older, a little bit less retarded and once again in a new apartment being an actual adult. i figured i give this whole domestic thing another shot. so in the name of being a big girl, i went out on a limb and attempted to cook dinner. while shopping for ingredients, we came across an adorable little bundle of fresh basil that was actually in a tiny little nub of dirt so that you could re-pot it and keep it going. now i love me some fresh basil so i was kind of stoked about this. especially considering i didn't ruin dinner for everyone...i figured this might be my chance to become a desirable candidate for marriage. no fires, no tears, no problems. if i can make a pasta sauce (i went with vodka sauce) then what can't i do?!

well first of all, i can't read. because the packaging on the precious little basil bundle clearly states that this product is not to be refrigerated. regardless, i swiped a little pot and some dirt from my parents' house and promptly stuck it in there, put it in our atrium and hoped that "partial sunlight" would do some good.

let's just say...well. how about i don't say anything. see for yourself:

ugh. my dreams of one day being a kept woman are slowly (but SURELY) slipping away. i guess i need to just get used to this career woman thing i've got going. lame.


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