October 29, 2008

the next big thing

wtf Robert Pattinson? yes, you were a damn sexy Cedric Diggory and yes, i IMDb'd you as soon as i got home from the theater that night but that's where it was supposed to end. right there in 2005. you were supposed to fade away into the heavens of good-looking yet forgettable actors who make nothing of themselves.

now you come crawling out of the woodwork looking like a dirty sex fiend in that Twilight crap...fine. i can deal with that. lame-o tween horror flick? that sounds about right. do your tween heart throb thing and THEN you can continue your decent into that big actor's guild in the sky.

then today i come across THIS!

Salvador Dali? seriously? that's not tween crappy movie nonsense. i mean, granted i know nothing about this film and it could totally suck but playing Salvador Dali is a pretty big step up from a supporting role in Harry Potter or any role in Twilight.

oh Robert Pattinson, it's not that i don't want to love you. it's just - are you sitting down? it's just that you have major douche-face. i'm sorry but someone had to tell you. i'd still bone you though. call me. xoxo sara


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