October 28, 2008

what an atrocity!

okay so. i could use this time to list out all the injustice served to the Philadelphia Phillies during this 2008 World Series - from the umps and the rain to Pat Burrell's suckiness - but honestly, at this point, what good would that do?

so instead, i'd like to point out how unfair it is that my work limits me from getting home prior to 9pm. oh sure you're saying "but Sara, that's your choice, you're an idiot and you should be used to it" to which i would respond that you're absolutely correct. and normally, i'm okay with missing the first 40 or so minutes of the game.

what i am NOT okay with is that no one alerted me to the fact that none other than JOHN OATES' (and his `stache) would be performing the national anthem! had i been home on time, i wouldn't have to settle for this crappy youtube version of such a spectacular event.

apparently, Daryl Hall was scheduled for this but came down with the flu. luckily, the dashing and talented OATES stepped up to the plate. pun intended.


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