October 2, 2008

what a sad day for critters

first Rupert and now NIBBLER?!

when our office first moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan, gone were the days of people bringing their dogs into the office. it got a little lonely without the pets! but Ryan Kennedy - being the sneaky bastard that he is - found a way around this. i'm not quite sure the first day Nibbler arrived but i do remember the first time i saw him. ("is that a cage next to Kennedy's desk? is that A HAMSTER?!")

Nibbler made a great mascot. he was very easy-going, very polite and very soft. and i'm not just saying that! i've had a hamster or two in my day (RIP Penny Lane) and i have to say, Nibbler was one of the most well behaved rodents i've ever met.

Nibbler, you will be missed!


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