December 15, 2008

Deep Focus does the holidays...again

yeah so on thursday i attended my THIRD Deep Focus holiday party. that's right, i've been working at DF since i was 21...that might make me pathetic but i mean, what can i say...i get comfortable and i like to stay that way. OH and not to mention all the people i work with make my day to day life semi-awesome. just semi. but that's way better than not awesome at all, right?

basically, Ian is kind of the best CEO ever because he realizes that throwing a 4 hour top shelf open bar spectacular for a company where 98% of employees are in their 20s is just bound to be a drunken shit show and he's not only okay with that - it's encouraged. ohhhh Deep Focus, when i'm old and successful...i'll always think fondly of you.

and now i present you with the ever so poised, sophisticated and Harvard educated Kimberly Noel...who also happens to be my work Bestie...

classy bitch

it's funny because i was being serious about that classy and sophisticated stuff...


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