December 18, 2008

eff you, animal

introducing the greatest blog to surface since Stuff White People Like....

adorable critters AND passive aggressive cyber bullying? this shit is right up my ally.

Fuck you, Penguin is a blog dedicated to telling cute animals "what's what". this person literally curses off animals and for some reason it cracks me up.


Hey Prairie dog, I didn't realize donuts were native to the grasslands of North America! You're so fat, you make a capybara look like an African pygmy mouse!

Seriously, though, Prairie dog. You are really fat. This makes it very difficult for me, because the fact that your feet aren't touching the ground and your arms are kind of hanging down on your fat folds is fucking cute as shit. Am I supposed to feel bad for you? Is this what you wanted, Prairie dog? Damn you and your scheming ways.

ahhhh the internet. one day i'll come up with some brilliant blog idea and become an offical online sensation for a month and a half. because that's the average shelf life of an online sensation. until i turn it into a skanky reality show.


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