December 16, 2008

hockey: take 2

compliments of Charmaine Noel (via Kim) i scored some sweet ass tickets ($200 a piece) to the Rangers game. i mean, getting free tickets is already badass in itself but the fact that every seat on either side of us was vacant in a totally packed section just made it that much better. i like having some arm room to comfortably flair my limbs in drunken excitement. and i've never been to an event at Madison Square Garden before so it was nice to experience that.

so yeah basically i learned my lesson from the first hockey game i went to and thought it would be smart to go NOWHERE during over time. and here's the cool part...if there are no goals scored during overtime, it goes to a shoot off! if you loved the Mighty Ducks movies as much as i did, you would TOTALLY appreciate that.

so we get to the shoot off, 4 up, 4 goals scored. finally the captain of the rangers gets one in...yay! so now the pressure is on for the last guy up on the Hurricanes. needless to say, he blew it and the Rangers won. good times. i might be falling in love with hockey.


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