December 15, 2008

i like that

anybody remember Houston? anybody remember when Houston went insane and gouged his eyeball out? yuck, i shudder just thinking about that.

anyway, apparently Houston is relevant again as a vocal activist against inner-prison rape (um, really?).

oh Houston, you used to be soooo darn cute. now you're all angry looking and creepy glass-eyed out. boo.

it should also be noted that i once had a brief love affair with Houston back during my intern days and let me tell you, i should have seen the crazy from the start. instead of a "hey, you've reached Houston" message on his voicemail, it was him reading from the bible for like 5 minutes. first of all, that's creepy and second of all, who's going to listen to that whole god damn thing every time they want to leave a message. regardless, Houston only liked me for about a day anyway and then i was just stuck with his creepy manager calling me for the next couple weeks.


i still dig this jam.


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