February 6, 2008

what not to do

i got this totally bizarro press release today about some crap i couldn't even tell you about. the thing made absolutely no sense and i'm only going to show a portion of the email because to show what the product actually is would, in turn be giving them free editorial coverage and i'm just not down with that.


what is this shit? seriously. what IS this SHIT??

this is what gives us publicists a bad rep.


attention women everywhere

i'm trying not to get too political on this blog because

a) i get really fired up
b) my blog is pink. it just seems anti-political

but i have to get one thing off my chest.

yesterday voter turn-out for women was awesome. yay, go us! but seriously, you all voted for HILLARY? sure, she may be more qualified and perhaps she would actually make a good president but this woman CRIES for votes. she cries and and you vote for her!!

now, call me a bra-burner but don't you think that sets women back about 50 years?
i mean, when your boyfriend hurts your feelings and you cry, he feels bad and is nice to you, right? when you're upset and you start crying in front of your girlfriends, they usually tell you a bunch of nice things (mostly lies) to make you feel better, right? and in our heart of hearts we know this is pitiful behaviour, do we not?

seriously ladies, man up.


ella ella

rihanna is so fucking cute i can't stand it. i want this umbrella. badly. someone should buy it for me. i like the "black satin with fushia" color. it can be my v-day present. k, thanks.

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