March 28, 2008

LOL Lost

if you like LOLcats and Lost then you'll appreciate

LOL Lost.



i'm not really sure how to set this clip up so uh, just go ahead and enjoy.

Franks Dance

sometimes i wish i didn't have to admit i associate myself with people like this guy. frank, it's a good thing i love you enough to put aside the fact that i should probably hate you.


Run Fatboy Run

Do you like funny things? Do you like Simon Pegg? Do you want to see David "Ross Gellar" Schwimmer's directorial debut? Do you think that Thandie Newton chick from CRASH is a hot babe? If your answer to any of these questions is "yes" "maybe" or "eh?" then today might be your luck day!!

go see RUN FATBOY RUN in theaters this weekend!

don't forget to become a FACEBOOK FAN of Run Fatboy Run and play "Pop the Blister" (above) for your chance to win a private screening in your hometown. rad!


March 27, 2008


i think it's pretty cool that when you google my name, this blog is like the first thing to show up. i am however disappointed that my google image search results in an Asian pianist named Alice Sara Ott and a rather large woman basketball player who spells Sara(h) wrong.

that being said, i've decided to post an image of myself with the file name reflecting my real name. i'm not sure if this will do the trick but i'm giving it a whirl anyway. because after all, i am the only person ever googling my name so if there are specific results i want to see, then god dammit i'm going to make that happen!!



god i'm such a loser.


Awareness Test

How aware are you?

(i promise this is not a political thing)


March 23, 2008

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