October 16, 2008

Congrats Phillies!!

hey Dodgers, why so glum? oh i know....because last night The Philadelphia Phillies won the National League Pennant!

sorry Dodgers but look on the bright side, at least you're not still in Brooklyn.

now i'd like to take a moment to honor some Phillies starters - not in order of skill or contribution to the team - but the order in which i find them bone-able.

1. Pat Burrell
2. Jayson Werth
3. Chase Utley
4. Cole Hamels (Cole Hamels invented the C-section when he threw a 100 mph fastball through his mother's belly.)
6. Shane Victorino
5. Jimmy Rollins
6. Greg Dobbs

Honorable Mention
7. Ryan Howard
8. Pedro Feliz
9. Brett Myers
10.Brad Lidge

everyone else gets a pat on the back for a job well done.

next up for the Phillies - chewing up and spitting out the Rays or the Red Sox in the WORLD SERIES, BABY.


Happy Birthday John Mayer

i imagine this to be John's O face. these things are never meant to be seen in the light but i still hope to one day get very close and personal with this face.

happy 31st birthday, johnny poo.


October 15, 2008

National Boss Day

please take a minute to thank your favorite boss today for being awesome. Hallmark will thank you.

or you can tell them how you really feel. whatev.

National Boss Day

if you need gift ideas you can go here: http://www.nbcuniversalstore.com/detail.php?p=8369


La Pequena Sarah Palin

ask no questions. just feast your eyes.


October 14, 2008

being domestic - take 2

you may remember some time back, when i first flew the coupe and took a huge stab at domesticity. you may also remember, this didn't turn out so well.

now i'm a little bit older, a little bit less retarded and once again in a new apartment being an actual adult. i figured i give this whole domestic thing another shot. so in the name of being a big girl, i went out on a limb and attempted to cook dinner. while shopping for ingredients, we came across an adorable little bundle of fresh basil that was actually in a tiny little nub of dirt so that you could re-pot it and keep it going. now i love me some fresh basil so i was kind of stoked about this. especially considering i didn't ruin dinner for everyone...i figured this might be my chance to become a desirable candidate for marriage. no fires, no tears, no problems. if i can make a pasta sauce (i went with vodka sauce) then what can't i do?!

well first of all, i can't read. because the packaging on the precious little basil bundle clearly states that this product is not to be refrigerated. regardless, i swiped a little pot and some dirt from my parents' house and promptly stuck it in there, put it in our atrium and hoped that "partial sunlight" would do some good.

let's just say...well. how about i don't say anything. see for yourself:

ugh. my dreams of one day being a kept woman are slowly (but SURELY) slipping away. i guess i need to just get used to this career woman thing i've got going. lame.


Guilty Pleasure Alert

Beyonce - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

there are so many reasons to hate this video and this song but i didn't get bored until nearly 2 minutes in so at that point i just stuck it out. i will say that it's kind of refreshing that the video carries itself on dancing alone (and Beyonce is surprisingly good!) because who isn't tired of that whole let's make a video that shows a narrative spliced with vanity shots of the band or artist just singing.

and i know B works her ass off but i also think she's a little bit hungry. a girl that voluptuous should have a little more meat on her. sure she looks great, but it goes against nature. something's fishy.

instead of hating on this song because i want to soooo bad, i think i'll just get real with myself and admit that after a couple cocktails, i won't be able to resist dancing around when it comes on. Crazy In Love style (Laur, that one's for you). god i love that song.


oh Angie

what i'd give to look this hot while making a "bad" face and stuffing a burger in my mouth. i mean, i make weird faces and stuff food in my face all the time. it kills me to think just how much easier my life would be if i had talent, looked like a goddess and saved the world in my spare time. ugh.

annnnyway. here are some pics from the W. Magazine Brangelina story with photos taken by Mr. Pitt himself. note to any dudes who'd like to submit their resume for the new boyfriend position that's opened up: photography and photoshop skillz are highly recommended. the ability to capture me looking effortlessly flawless and amazing will go a long way.

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