November 6, 2008

two dudes in a claw machine

what i want to know is how exactly the conversation went down which determined that Paul Rudd would be interviewed in a claw machine thinger

i don't think i've ever properly expressed my love for Paul Rudd. he's actually the screen saver on my work computer.

and good ole josh horowitz and i have a publicist/editor relationship. he's a really nice dude. good job, josh!

so i guess this is the part in the post where i have to tell you to go see Role Models because that's the only reason Paul Rudd is doing this "interview". in theaters tomorrow!

ps. don't be fooled - despite the cast, it's not an Apatow flick but it IS written by Paul Rudd <3


November 5, 2008


prior to the results coming in, i tried to go around the room and get a sense of why each person wanted this fantastic man to win. i didn't really generate any intelligent conversation but hey, we were a little drunk. what are ya gonna do?

we were in the middle of a riveting Apples to Apples game (one in which i happened to be winning) when we looked over and seemingly out of nowhere, the TV was telling us the 44th president of the country is Barack Obama.

and out came the champagne...

behold our smiling faces! these are the faces of people drunk on champagne who just witnessed an amazing part of history.


November 3, 2008

fun with math

as it stands, the polls and pundits are saying the current electoral college results are

OBAMA - 291
MCCAIN - 157
Undecided - 90

now, i'm no mathematician - in fact i don't even know how to spell that word, according to my spell check - but i'm pretty confident that 157 + 90 = not 270

270 is of course the magic number needed to win the election.

granted a number of the electoral college votes that have been "rewarded" to each candidate right now are from swing states with big enough leads to make an assumption so not all is said and done quite yet.

so on that note, i urge you to go vote tomorrow and invite you to my apartment for a results viewing party. champagne will be supplied. yay!

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