January 22, 2009

beauty is only skin deep

i have a little rant on my chest that i need to get off and it has to do with Alexa Ray Joel. yeah, i don't get fired up often and the fact that one of these occasions would be prompted Billy Joel's unknown spawn is pretty fucking random but hey - i've had a little wine and the mood has struck.

i think Alexa Ray Joel is super adorable and it kills me that people hate on her for not being hot. first of all, she's not ugly by any means. yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in my particular case, i think she's gorgeous but honestly, my objective point of view is pretty good and as far as girls in the spotlight go, she's quite cute for not trying very hard. the mere fact that she inherited all of Billy Joel's genes (as opposed to christie brinkley's) and isn't homely, is pretty damn amazing.

don't get me wrong, i am not without my faults. i'm not lacking the girl gene that provokes me to hate on um...oh you know, any girl who's threatening...but you have to pick your battles. my particular battle, of course, is Gingers. i hate on gingers because it's easy and it's funny. if you want the real truth, my grandma is (was) a strawberry ginger, my dad is a half ginger, my first cousin is a FLAMING ginger and i have ginger highlights (and freckles!) that i cover up by purposely coloring my hair red-ish so i can pawn it off on being "from a bottle". luckily my mom is 250% Italian so nobody questions my red hair as being real.

if Alexa had an obnoxious personality like say, Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie, or my arch nemesis RUMER WILLIS - all of whom use their wealthy parents as a way to fame - then i would jump on the hater bandwagon with the best of them. these people are talentless mediocre looking famewhores who do nothing but offend me with their retardedness. (actually, calling Rumer Willis mediocre looking is an EXTREME overstatement.) but Alexa doesn't put herself out there to be critiqued. so leave the girl alone!

quote from Alexa below in response to Douchebag Hilton's hatin'
I can’t help but be a little bummed out because the incredibly cruel, bullying Perez Hilton (this tabloid guy who calls himself the “queen of media”) just put up a horrible picture of me on his site and basically in so many words called me ugly…

I just feel like saying: “YES, my mom and I look completely different, and I’m OK with that. I like that I look unique, or more “exotic”–I don’t want to look like everybody else, and I also don’t want to look like a supermodel–I just want to look like ME!”

Those sites LOVE putting bad pictures up, and everybody has a few unflattering shots–especially on the red-carpet! I’m still not comfortable posing on it, and (who knows?) maybe I never will be, but I’m just so OVER being compared to my mom looks-wise! I’m happy to have a lot of my father’s features –I think he’s very handsome, and I’m quite sick of hearing people call HIM ugly–I think he has a very soulful face–the face of someone with character and integrity–who has LIVED, and has something important to say.

When my mom saw that Perez Hilton thing, she was like, “OK, what’s his point?–I have hundreds of bad pictures taken of me, and I’m a supermodel! Should I release them to the media so everyone can see that NOBODY is perfect?” (I love her for that).

It’s just rather depressing on a larger, societal level because apparently his tabloid site gets an average of 6 million hits a day (internationally), and I just feel like–WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS WORLD?

damn right, girl!

ps. sorry but i'm still i love with gossip mongering Dlisted. forgive me.

but let me also point out that when it comes to mediocre-looking people WITH TALENT, i have nothing but the utmost respect. these people deserve a huge round of applause for being normal human beings who have made a name for themselves for just being fucking awesome.

roll call!
Anna Paquin
Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Uma Thurman
Sarah Jessica Parker
Amy Winehouse

Alexa - if you're out there, i'm in the NY area, i can be your digital communications specialist aka your online PR girl. pro bono. i know you're looking into a career in music...call me...we can do coffee!


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