January 20, 2009

ding dong the witch is dead

praise jesus, dubbya is dunzo! hail president obama!

first black president
first official presidential photo taken with a digital camera (above)
first inaugural CNN/Facebook integration!

we've come a long way since Bush's swearing in. and while i do like Facebook's "status" feature, i haven't quite gotten on board with full fledged Twittering. "Tweets" if you will. i'm trying real hard, for the sake of my digital marketing knowledge, but seriously...the shit sucks.

which is why i'm surprised at how much i liked the CNN live stream//facebook status integration. it was actually really cool to read as-they-happen reactions to what was going on at the inauguration. this type of micro-blogging is like extreme chat rooms 2.0. problem is...it's only cool when there's a common interest; a conference, an awards ceremony, an inauguration, etc. aside from that, i just can't get on board with the twittering. facebook statuses are bad enough. why do i want to log in to Twitter and hear about your every little move? when did we become narcissistic to the point that we think people want to know what we're doing every single second of life?

it's kind of sick but it's the nature of the digital movement. the way people communicate is changing at such an alarming pace, it's insane to think how modern rhetoric will be influenced by this a mere 10 years down the line. i anticipate a large population of socially retarded people. probably starting with my sister's general age group. middle schoolers don't even talk on the phone anymore! long gone are the days of awkward phone calls from boys. they just text and sit on the computer all day long. and i thought high school speech class was bad enough. at least i was used to actually speaking to people. sheesh.

Futurama is not too far off...


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