January 15, 2009

parking tickets blow

if i ever feel like i have too much time on my hands, i will just watch this and realize i don't have THAT much time on my hands.

i feel for this dude though because i too have dealt with the hassle of an incompetent cop moron who A. flagged me over with his hand while standing on Maple Ave in Langhorne Borough, B. yelled at me when I pulled over and asked what the deal was, C. didn't have tickets on him, so scribbled my address down on a piece of paper to send me one? and, D. incorrectly scribbled my address so i never got the ticket or even knew one was coming until the constables knocked on my door with a warrant for the arrest of Sara Ott.

when i finally got to my court hearing and explained to the imbecile that the warrant was due to his RETARDEDNESS, he told me not to tell the judge because the judge doesn't like "any trouble" and made it out like he was doing me a favor.


so to the dude in this video, i love you. you're brilliant.


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