February 6, 2009

corny bacon

bored? want to kill 30 seconds?

1. copy and past this link: http://bacolicio.us/http://theottstuff.blogspot.com into the browser URL bar

2. press ENTER. enjoy the bacon!

3. locate the "Cornify" button above my About Me section.

4. click "Cornify" and repeat until you have all the little unicorns and rainbows your heart desires!

Cornify pre-dates Bacolicious so i won't hate on it for the fact that an editor needs to add a certain code to their blog in order to "Cornify" the page. BUT Bacolicious is amazing because it works on ANY site. seriously. just put http://bacolicio.us/ in front of any URL and voila! BACON. for example, if you type http://bacolicio.us/http://nytimes.com/ into your browser you'll find yourself going "heh heh, there's bacon on the New York Times"

UPDATE: NY Times is BACONPROOF! sneaky bastards. that shit totally worked yesterday and now it's making a liar out of me. grrrrr.

ahhhh the joys of the internet.


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