February 20, 2009

fuck you, TMZ

i've been avoiding the Rihanna/Chris Brown stuff because i adore the girl and the whole situation goes so far beyond terrible that words can't describe it but i'd like to take this opportunity to call out TMZ for being the absolute shit of the world right now. it is HORRENDOUS, IMMORAL AND INCONCEIVABLE that you would go as far as posting the picture of Rihanna after she was beaten.

also a big FUCK YOU to the LAPD officer who leaked this shit. you should burn in hell for being such a fucking low life. maybe you'll see Chris Brown down there. you guys could be buddies.

this is so sad. sad sad sad.

i think i'll lead by example and lay off the salacious stuff for a while. bloggers everywhere have gone too far.

happy 21st birthday Rihanna - get better soon! i hope everyone gives you your damn privacy.


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