March 5, 2009

fuck you, Rihanna

seriously, Rihanna? we all saw the pictures of you hanging out with Chris Brown at Diddy's house. sad. you will never be able to release a successful album ever again because i'm pretty sure even the little girls that look up to you are smart enough to know that you're a fucking retard. i'll be damned if my little sister ever thinks you're cool.

i vowed before to stay out of this nonsense because it's personal and people need time to get their lives back together but i can't stand for Rihanna setting a bad example for my baby sis.

again, i'm refusing to post the details from the GRUESOME police report but i'd like to say:

attention all douchebags: if you ever EVER do that kind of thing to any of my friends, i WILL chop your balls off.

Rihanna, you are WAY too good for this nonsense. please get your act together and make a stand for domestic violence.


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