March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day

last Saturday we attempted some annual irish shenanigans known as the Erin Express. the Erin Express is actually a bus that loops around the irish bars in philadelphia. you just hop on when you see it and hop off when it stops at a bar you want to go. brilliant? yes. but i'd be lying if i said i ever actually made it onto the bus.

last year i made it to one bar which, based on this year, was a huge success.

this year went a little differently.

9:00am - bagels and coffee from Manhattan Bagel
9:30am - begin two person power hour in my living room
9:40am - beer #1, bagel and coffee end up back in my toilet
9:45am - resume power hour
10:50am - car won't start
11:00am - en route to Manyunk
11:45pm-2:00pm - flip cup and other forms of binge drinking
2:15pm - catch train to 30th street station, philly
2:50pm - stuff face with mcdonalds
3:00pm - watch everyone drunkenly hop in cabs and take off
3:01pm - plop on the sidewalk for a cig before cabbing it back to manayunk to go home

yeah. never quite made it very far but i will say i had a damn good time getting nowhere.


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